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Female brokers blazing a trail to success

The mortgage broking industry is no longer a man's world:  it's a career path without the glass ceiling for women. We speak to Nichol Cullen of Smartmove Professional Mortgage Advisors and Sandra Crossland of Liquidity Finance for their thoughts on being successful women in mortgage broking.

Video transcript below:

Donna Sawyer, Australian Broker TV
Donna Sawyer:  Gone are the days when the mortgage broking industry was considered a man’s world.  These days women are blazing a trail to success.  Nichol Cullen of Smartmove Professional Mortgage Advisors says the industry could do more to attract women by promoting it as a career path without the glass ceiling.
Nichol Cullen, Smartmove
Nichol Cullen:  There is no corporate road block.  Basically you decide how hard you work and the results come from that.
Sandra Crossland, Liquidity Finance
Sandra Crossland:  I think the biggest [draw call] for me is the job satisfaction, it’s immensely rewarding.  You are helping people’s dreams become a reality, whether it be owning a home for the first time or investment property wealth creation that sort of thing.  The flexibility of the hours has been really important to me.
Nichol Cullen:  I don’t think there is a lot of awareness about what is involved to be successful and I think in the other industries a lot of awareness about what it takes to make it a success.  So I think that we are not there yet.  I mean a lot of consumers don’t fully understand what it is we deliver and what we can bring and I think for women stepping in and coming out of that sort of secure corporate environment, they don’t really know what to base their risk assessment on, because it’s a whole new world that they are not exposed to, unless you actually step into that market for yourself.
Donna Sawyer:  Sandra Crossland of Liquidity Finance says mortgage broking is a good fit for women as it’s a flexible job that relies on building relationships.  
Sarah Crossland:  I think it would be beneficial if there were more women in it, because I think women do well in mortgage broking.  Mortgage broking to me is primarily about relationships, building relationships with people and I think most women do that well.  
Nichol Cullen:  I think the biggest thing is raising awareness about what we can bring, making them understand the value that they can bring, because we are sort of a natural fit.  We are very much relationship building specimen and I think we move into that industry very easily.  
Donna Sawyer:  While the ratio of women to men remains behind other financial industries, it raises the question, should gender targets be introduced?
Sarah Crossland:  There is a lot more women in banking, so I think it’s just going to be a natural progression.  A lot of the women who are doing mortgage broking nowadays come from a banking background, so I think it’s just a time lag really.
Nichol Cullen:  I think they are doing some great things already and that’s to promote the success that women are having and there is some great successes in there.  So to continue that promotion. But I think maybe if they introduced something like a mentoring program, to sort of hold women’s hand through the process.
Sarah Crossland:  The only thing that springs to mind is, I don’t play golf.  And that still seems to be the choice for the PD days and things like that, you know the annual social day is a golf day.
Donna Sawyer:  This is Donna Sawyer reporting for Australian Broker TV.