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Game plan: Which footy teams are lenders betting on?

Footy season is here and mortgage industry heavyweights are backing their favourite footy teams to raise their profile. We speak to KIM CANNON of FirstMac and CLINT HAWTHORNE of Australian First Mortgage for their thoughts on the benefits of sponsorship.

Video transcript below:

Donna Sawyer, Australian Broker T.V.
Donna Sawyer:   Footy season is here and the mortgage industry can’t get enough of it.  FirstMac recently joined the industry rush to partner a team inking a 3 year sponsorship deal with the Brisbane Broncos.  Kim Cannon says it was an opportunity FirstMac couldn’t refuse. 
Kim Cannon, FirstMac
Kim Cannon:  We sponsored the Broncos, we looked over the years to a number of sponsorships with various football clubs, you know across different codes and the opportunity came up with the Broncos, when one of their sleeve sponsors went into receivership and again getting a sponsorship on somebody as good as Broncos doesn’t come up every day of the week.  So it just takes to time for it to happen and then when the opportunity arose, we were there to sort out pounce on it.
Donna Sawyer:  Clint Hawthorne of Australian First Mortgage says networking is the name of the game when it comes to their sponsorship arrangements with the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs and the AFL team, the Greater Western Sydney  Giants.  
Clint Hawthorne, Australian First Mortgage
Clint Hawthorne:  We work in an industry where relationships are paramount, so by entertaining brokers at the corporate box, it’s a little bit different to taking someone out to lunch, it’s a little bit more high profile.  So we certainly had that high on our list of priorities, when we are looking at sponsorship opportunities.
Donna Sawyer:  For Kim Cannon of FirstMac, it’s all about building a brand. 
Kim Cannon:  The game for us I suppose is in the new world.  You know that’s what we are looking at the moment.  We launched our online business, last year and we learnt a whole lot about the online customer of the future and now we are going to bring that back and adapt that to the FirstMac customer of the future which will come from a variety of places.  It will still come from brokers and mortgage managers, but it will come from retail.  So it’s important now to start building a brand awareness of consumers out there over the FirstMac name and what better place to do it then on the sleeve of one of the best football teams in the country.   
Donna Sawyer:  Clint Hawthorne of Australian First Mortgage says sponsorship is not only a good way to raise the company’s profile, it can also generate leads.
Clint Hawthorne:  Whilst we have a corporate sponsorship, if a broker was to adopt a similar strategy at local level and look to sponsor a football club or a cricket club or whatever type of club in the local community the same benefits can apply.  You know they can increase or potentially increase the leads that they generate from that sponsorship, increase their brand awareness and their profile in the local community.  It also gives them a great opportunity to engage the community.  So I think brokers can potentially, yeah learn from what some of the larger organisations are doing in our industry and try and replicate what we are doing. 
Donna Sawyer:  This is Donna Sawyer  reporting for Australian Broker News TV.