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Summer Series: Marketing guru's top tips

A good marketing strategy can be the key to a successful business. Michael Griffiths of My Small Business Marketing Guru shares his top tips on the most effective ways to promote your services.

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ABT:  The month of January represents a fantastic opportunity for your business to plan out a marketing strategy for the next calendar year.  Michael Griffiths of My Small Business Marketing Guru says once you have worked out your target audience, there is no shortage of options for your campaigns.

Michael Griffiths, My Small Business Marketing Guru
Michael Griffiths:  Online marketing, you have got social media marketing, you have search internet optimisation, you have paid per click marketing, you got doing videos, you got e-mail marketing, you can put banner ads on other people’s websites to drive traffic back to you, you could get other people to send e-mails out on your behalf to be able build your database.  Offline, regional radio actually right now is the number one way, that is $500 for [literally 72] -  30 second spots.  You just got to get a return if that is your target audience.  Direct mail is always very strong, joint ventures with other people, so you can see straight away there is lots of people but you got to understand your target audience and where they are.
ABT:  But mistakes are often made, Michael Griffiths has some advice on how to avoid the common marketing traps.
Michael Griffiths:  Number one, know your target audience and lay the focus in on them.  If you are not doing that, you are throwing money down the drain.  Next one is understanding that your profile has to be seen everywhere.  So if you are to google your name what comes up, for most people nothing comes up.  That’s not a good thing.  You actually want to not only be in the first spot, you want to be in actually all 9 spots on that front page.  Because people go if they see you, you must be an expert, if they don’t see you, you don’t exist.  So it’s up to you to make sure that your profile is being seen everywhere.
Now in today’s world writing articles, doing blogs, using social media, having your own website with a good url, doing video marketing, there’s 5 spots on the front page of search engines you can take instantly just by doing it correctly.  Third one is actually understand that you do need to market yourself and allocate a budget to that.  Most people go, well because I have wasted money in the past, I will just market when I am quiet.  Well marketing is a cycle and a 12 month cycle and whether you are quiet or you are busy, you should still have marketing taking place.  
Another big mistake that businesses make is they try to do everything themselves and that can a good and bad thing.  The good thing obviously if they can do it all themselves they save on a bit of costs.  The bad thing is, most people don’t the knowledge, the expertise, more importantly they don’t have the time.  So when they don’t have the time and something else becomes more something that they actually got to do, well what stops, the things that they don’t have to do and that’s the marketing, then they wonder why their phone is not ringing, why they are not getting leads, so make sure that not only do you have a plan, you can actually get people to do it for you, if that’s what’s needs to happen.
ABT:  When it comes to top tips for marketing, Michael Griffiths says it’s all about the groundwork, once that’s in place campaigns are easy to run.
Michael Griffiths:  First thing is you have got to always be able to understand the results you are getting.  So you have got to have things in place to understand how many visitors you are getting to your website, google analytics, free program shows you that.  You should understand how many times that your phone is ringing from marketing campaigns, because if you can then know what your return is, well obviously you keep doing the good things and you can get rid of the bad things, so now you are becoming more cost effective. 
And very important if you are going to have a website, to have a marketing website.  So we know people stay on websites for about 7 seconds.  In that 7 seconds you either want them to phone you, you want them to get on to your database or you want them to join you on social media.  And most people unfortunately don’t have those options for people to actually be able to do one of those 3 things. So you need to make sure that your site not only has the ability for people to do the call to action, it actually shows them all the benefits of why you are the solution to their problem.  Which comes to the next part, most people write marketing campaigns as if they are writing them for themselves.  You are not your prospect, you have got to be able to get into the head of your prospect, you have got to work out what are their fears, what are their doubts, what are the benefits for them using you over somebody else.