AB issue 13.08

by 02 May 2016
COVER: Mario Rehayem
According to direct feedback from Pepper’s third-party channel, the biggest challenge mortgage brokers face day-to-day is the running of their businesses. 

Best practice: Engaging your top performers
How to “check in” with staff and encourage internal career progression

Market talk: Stamp duty must go
Property and development lobby groups are divided over what should replace stamp duty

Analysis: A shifting market
Investors make way for owner-occupiers looking to refinance, so how can banks and brokers adapt?

Forum: Follow our lead, says Flavell
The chief executive of Mortgage Choice has said the mortgage broking industry would benefit if it adopted the Mortgage Choice commission structure

Analysis: Warning: Financial crisis approaching
Banking regulators have claimed another financial crisis is imminent. What now?

Opinion: Keeping your edge
Why brokers should be using data and market insights