AB issue 13.12

by 27 Jun 2016
COVER: Mark Woolnough
Customers are more informed about the property market than ever before, but this is not necessarily a bad thing for brokers, according to Mark Woolnough. He tells Australian Broker how through periods of rapid change come immense possibilities.

Special report: Co-opetition, not competition
You’re never too old or too experienced to learn, according to Choice Aggregation’s chief executive Stephen Moore.

Industry spotlight: Growing with your clients
Brokers can future-proof their business by looking at their clients’ changing life stages as opportunities

Tech focus: On board with social media
Sensis’ report indicate SMEs are rapidly jumping on board, using social media to grow their businesses

Opinion: The business of blockchain
Greg Dickason on the rise of blockchain, and how it will benefit brokers

Analysis: Oversupply or overreaction?
Australian Broker explores whether the country's premier property market, Sydney, is at risk of an apartment oversupply

Best practice: Finding common ground
Closing the generation gap between baby boomers and millenials is good for business