AB issue 13.13

by 11 Jul 2016
COVER: Deanna Ezzy 
Trilogy Funding’s top broker on the importance of having a mentor, and the challenge of educating clients on new regulation

Special report: Passing the torch
Australian Broker collates the highlights of MFAA’s first-ever Young Professionals Report and shares thoughts from its young professionals panel 

Market talk: Foreign investors hit with more levies
Real estate lobby groups are up in arms about the new policy changes in QLD, NSW and VIC

Consumer insights: Addicted to debt
LF Economics has released a report that uncovers the seriousness of the nation’s household debt

Best practice: Mixing it up
Why brokers shouldn’t rely on word of mouth for referrals, and which other strategies can lead to new business

Analysis: Ease up, APRA?
As annual growth in investment lending slides, Australian Broker investigates whether APRA should reassess its 10% annual growth limit

Coalface: Picket Fence Finance
Award-winning Picket Fence Finance rejects the popular idea of a one-stop shop in favour of focussing only on mortgages. Australian Broker finds out why