AB issue 13.18

by 19 Sep 2016
COVER: William Lockett
The founder of Specialist Finance Group on the aggregator’s growth strategy, and why keeping his brokers happy is always front of mind

Opinion: Drop the pressure
Real estate heavyweight Rob Ward on the impact of cheap money on the property market

Market talk: Aussie property growth in global Top 10
Melbourne and Sydney two of the strongest real estate markets in the world according to a new research 

Financial services: Banks’ broken ethics
Banking insiders have divulged that banks are pressuring their employees to act against the interests of customers

Analysis: The great debate: Flex-commissions
Should they stay or should they go? Australian Broker investigates their use in asset finance and the consequences of their potential ban

Business strategy: Crafting a personal brand
Branding expert Karen Tiber Leland shares the importance of cultivating a brand that reflects who you are, not just what you do

Tech focus: Banks’ journey to fintech
With the evolution of the financial services industry well underway, the four major banks have been busy investing in technology and innovation. Which bank is winning the fintech race?