AB issue 13.19

by 04 Oct 2016
COVER: Cory Bannister
La Trobe Financial’s Cory Bannister on why brokers would do well to wise up to the ageing customer segment

Industry spotlight:  Tackling commercial 
ING Direct’s John Kolyvas tells Australian Broker how the lender is equipping residential brokers with the skills they need to tackle commercial loans

Opinion: Entrenched inequality 
A great number of people are transfixed by interest rate changes and consumed with anxiety about the possibility of falling house prices. But should they be?

Market talk: Housing values cooling
Despite a solid increase in August, the latest figures from CoreLogic show the growth in dwelling values in Australia continues to cool

Analysis: The ownership equation 
The rise of the mortgage broking channel came about thanks to independence and choice. In an age of vertical integration under bank brands, will the broker value proposition endure?

Best practice: You are in sales, not finance
Business mentor Karen Hambleton-O’Grady explains how brokers can benefit from understanding they are sales people first, finance professionals second

Financial services: Financial advisers’ clients ‘vulnerable’
A new study has revealed that a large proportion of Australians are unable to distinguish between good and bad financial advice