AB issue 13.21

by 31 Oct 2016
COVER: Lino Pelaccia
General manager of broker sales Lino Pelaccia, of industry super fund-owned bank ME, on the importance of brokers to the lender’s growth strategy, and its new offering that includes more staff, more technology and more products

Commercial: SME confidence drops
A new report has shown that SME owners’ business confidence has decreased, and a growing number are turning to non-banks for funding

Business profile: Clarity Financial Group 
Mark Edlund and Kristy Edlund tell Australian Broker how they look out for their brokers, and how a strong team culture has led to their best financial year yet

Market talk: Property price myths
The idea that property values double every decade is unfounded, according to CoreLogic’s Cameron Kusher

Opinion: The wealth effect
Michael McAlary on the policy failures of governments – and how it’s people trying to save who are the ones paying the price

Best practice: Customers for life
Nicole Smartt imparts advice on how personalised interactions can help brokers build a loyal, lifelong client network

Consumer insights: Seeking smaller houses
More than 1.2 million households are currently looking to downsize, and a third are seeking to release funds for retirement