AB issue 14.07

by 18 Apr 2017
Tony Carn
NextGen.Net’s sales director talks about how harnessing technology and embracing change has empowered their customers

Victory, or defeat? 
The mortgage broking commission story is one marked by periods of calm and crisis. The question is, does ASIC’s remuneration review signal victory

Settle better deals 
Settle higher deals, write fewer loans. La Trobe Financial makes commercial lending a no-brainer for brokers

A big deal
Smartline’s Kapil Nepal shares how he came up with a last-minute solution on the cusp of Christmas break and why banks need to be upfront with brokers 

Sydney charges ahead
A strong economic foundation and a surge in infrastructure improvements mean Sydney’s inner city remains a top – if expensive – prospect for well-off buyers

In the hot seat
Greg Collins, director of FirstPoint Mortgage Brokers, chats about lenders’ changing appetites, and what he’d do as Malcolm Turnbull for a day

ASIC’S broker shadow shop imminent 
One aggregator says the review is not seen as a “witch hunt” but a way to better understand industry operations