AB issue 14.08

by 15 May 2017

Brett Halliwell
Advantedge’s general manager explains how the wholesale lender is becoming a major player in white label lending by making sure brokers’ and borrowers’ needs and wants are met

Brokers at the front of the class
Nine hundred brokers have made it their mission to teach young people how to manage, save and spend their money responsibly

Changes at the top
After four years as joint CEO at Pepper Group, Patrick Tuttle has been made redundant, leaving Michael Culhane the man in charge

Tough deal, positive outcome
Go Mortgage Corporation’s Xavier Quenon spent two months and countless hours negotiating a deal for a client with a mental disability

Growth solid for Melbourne
Melbourne reports the second-highest annual growth rate out of all the capital cities, continuing a nearly decade-long trend

Sustainable future for adaptive brokers
While brokers will remain key to the mortgage industry, they must evolve with market trends and be aware of inherent risks

Digital platform compiles client data
Two fintechs have teamed up to create a client-facing interface for lenders that includes powerful data aggregation abilities