AB issue 14.19

by 13 Oct 2017
Cory Bannister
How La Trobe Financial is making the Australian dream still possible with an innovative loan solution

Rate hikes a result of regualtion, says Apra 
The regulator's chair has faced a government committee, answering questions about how the banks have implemented its investment and interest-only speed limits

ASIC Levy may cost $250 per credit rep
More details have emerged about how much ASIC's cost recovery scheme will set credit providers back

When foe becomes friend
In a rare moment of celebration for brokers, ASIC, APRA and the RBA all spoke about the benefits the third party channel provides consumers, while a new report from UBS outrage about brokers misinterpreting more loan applications

Peak performance
With the significant focus on the hosuhold debt, and regulators on a knife edge when it comes to the property market, brokers need to assert the ciritical role they play in the credit chain by staying on top of their game, writes Vow Financial's general manager, Clive Kirkpatrick

A big deal
Matt Punter, managing director at The Savings Centre, on what happened when his tenants became a client of his brokerage, and how working with an experienced accountant was a game changer for them and a boon for future referrals

In the hot seat

Patrice Sullivan, finance specialist at Accredited Lending Services and 1300HomeLoan, talks about ASIC’s remuneration review, the importance of honesty and personalised service in broking, and her new hobby, target shooting