AB issue 9.24

by AB05 Dec 2012

STEPHEN MOORE: Servicing sustainability

Aggregators are being called on to ensure their member brokers are better supported than ever as they face lean times in 2013



What should brokers, industry analysts and mortgage industry data tell you about your prospects next year? Read our in-depth forecast


News: ASIC details broker hit list

ASIC is planning to ramp up its mortgage broker enforcement, and tells Australian Broker exactly what’s under the magnifying glass


Opinion: Sharpen the guillotine

It’s time that EDRs were given a merciful ‘quick chop’ rather than prolonging the pain for the entire mortgage industry, writes Kym Dalton


The Big Idea: ‘My new algorithm’

How one bright broker turned an idea into an algorithm that may shortly see your customer documents literally process themselves


Workshop: Prospecting secrets

Your easiest prospects may just be those closest to home, and working within your comfort zone may been bigger business success


Caught on camera: Connective

Connective brokers have gathered on the Gold Coast to get ready for 2013. The result? They’ve declared ‘Mission: possible’