• In the hot seat: Stephen Moore

    A long career in mortgages and finance has seen Stephen Moore, CEO of Choice, face plenty of challenges and setbacks. While he sees ‘tough times ahead’ in 2020, he is confident the broker market will come out even stronger

  • Commercial lending still going strong

    The impact of coronavirus is being felt by the commercial property market, and there is little doubt that the economy is suffering as a result. But that doesn't mean brokers should consider commercial lending a dead prospect

  • A Big Deal: Luke Heavey by Luke Heavey

    A home loan is never as simple as the components at play. For instance, you may have a high-net-worth client with a stable career and a strong income, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that finance approval is a shoe-in, as Luke Heavey, senior finance consultant at Orium Finance, explains

  • Is the economy ready to exit hibernation? by AB

    At the height of the uncertainty driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, there were fears that the economy could be stalled for at least six months – perhaps longer. Now, leading economic experts are suggesting the peak of 'hibernation mode' could already be behind us

  • Regional Brokers: Tale of two speeds by AB

    While many capital city brokers are struggling under the weight of the files of customers who need urgent financial help, it’s a different story in regional Australia. Four brokers talk about their experiences of the regional mortgage market during the pandemic and show that location is no barrier to superior service and outcomes

  • 16 tips to hire people who will do more than fill an empty seat by Bobby Powers

    Tip #9 — Look for "culture add" instead of "culture fit"

  • In the hot seat: Daniel O'Brien by AB

    In a burst of optimism and 'arrogance', Daniel O’Brien quit his banking job and launched PFS Financial Services in 2004. Since then, the broker has seen every possible loan scenario cross his desk – including an extramarital aff air that caused fi nancial carnage

  • Property buyers retreat - but for how long? by Stephen Moore

    There’s no way to predict just how deeply the property market will be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. At a time when property buyers are stepping back from the market, how can brokers continue to write loans and support their customers?