• Boom time for brokers, agents

    The property boom shows no signs of slowing down, with national housing values growing at the fastest rate for 17 years. Australian Broker asked two brokers, a real estate agent and a buyer's agent for their insights

  • Creating opportunities for women in broking

    As the world celebrates International Women's Day, Jane Counsel, lead adviser on the MFAA's Opportunities for Women program, is hoping the finance industry will come together to encourage more females to become brokers

  • Solutions for struggling SMEs

    Australia's small business ombudsman is calling for a federal government-backed loan scheme to help SMEs survive the next 12 months as JobKeeper and rent relief come to an end

  • Shaking up stamp duty

    NSW brokers and real estate experts share their thoughts on buyers' newfound option to pay an annual property tax instead of stamp duty

  • Are Australians better off financially now? by Sarah Megginson

    When the federal government began delivering hundreds of billions of dollars worth of stimulus packages and grants in March, some Australians wound up better off financially than they were before the pandemic hit. But where are we headed from here?

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    Are we approaching financial doom? Moreover, for those who have weathered the storm financially thus far, is this an opportunity to build wealth?

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    Lenders can now provide another four months to customers with reduced incomes and COVID-19 related financial difficulties. How can brokers help their clients access this?

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    With the first of July marking the start of 'phase one', AB examines what it all means for borrowers

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    Some predict values plummeting by as much as 30% in the wake of COVID. But is this truly accurate – and how can we genuinely forecast just how low they will go?

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    While many feared Australia could be stalled for months on end, economists now suggesting the worst is already behind us