Keiran Evans: ANZ's home loan push

by Adam Smith14 Jan 2016
ANZ has been quite transparent about its plans to take a bigger share of the mortgage market. The bank’s incoming chief executive Shayne Elliott flagged a more aggressive push into mortgages in a recent Fairfax interview. And this push largely relies on buy-in from brokers. The bank’s full-year results showed brokers accounted for 48% of the loans settled through the bank in FY15. That was a slight increase on the 47% coming through the channel the year before. ANZ head of third party relationship channels, Keiran Evans, said the push to capture more third party business call comes back to customers.

“Everything we do is about the customer. Our catch cry is ‘helping brokers help the customer’,” he said.

Evans said there was a consumer-led shift toward brokers, and the third party proposition was increasingly attractive to consumers. And this means the bank must make sure its own proposition to the third party is clear, Evans suggested.

With this in mind, Evans said ANZ has focused strongly on its BDM team.

“We’ve expanded our BDM salesforce significantly. We’ve trained our BDMs not just in product knowledge, but in listening skills and in presentation skills. It’s all enabling them to better communicate with brokers,” he said.

This communication means the bank must be sensitive to broker feedback, Evans said. He highlighted the importance of listening to brokers’ needs and concerns, and addressing them.

“It’s about removing roadblocks; hearing what the issues are and then addressing those issues. That filters down from myself through to the state managers and BDMs. We all go out and talk to brokers, listen to them and take their suggestions,” Evans said. “That comes back to having BDMs skilled in communicating what ANZ delivers to customers. It’s about making sure brokers are fully informed as to ANZ’s offer.”

State-based push
New South Wales is a market of particular focus for ANZ. Shayne Elliott told Fairfax the bank would look to grow more aggressively in the state.

“We used to joke we were the number five bank of four in NSW, which is true, and it's not just Sydney, it's right across the state. NSW is one of our priorities,” he told Fairfax, noting that the other majors and Westpac subsidiary St George outperformed ANZ in NSW. Evans said this means a specific focus on NSW brokers, as the bank’s branch network is not as strong in the state as its major bank rivals.

“In the proprietary sense, our footprint is not as big in NSW, and that is something we as a bank want to remedy. Dealing with brokers has enabled us to get a jumpstart, and now be positioned as number one or two in market share with each of the major aggregators in NSW,” Evans said.

One of the ways ANZ is looking to continue to grow in the market is through strategic recruitment of BDMs, Evans said.

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