Hot Seat: Glenn Gibson

by AB29 Jan 2019

ING's new head of third party distribution and direct mortgages, Glenn Gibson talks career goals and highlights, and the importance of the broker channel

Q: Who or what inspired you to become a broker?

A: My career started in banking more than 25 years ago, when the broker industry was just starting out. I was fascinated by how the bank was working with third party brokers to create choice and better value for customers. My career has always been motivated by delivering the best possible customer outcomes, so it made sense that I was keen to be involved in the broker industry.

Q: What’s one of your recent career highlights?

A: Starting at ING – and I genuinely mean that. As an outsider looking in, I had always perceived ING in an exceptionally positive light and knew it had a good reputation among brokers. Now being on the inside, I’m happy to say my expectations have been exceeded. The culture here is inspiring. Employees have the utmost respect for one another and have a healthy obsession for delivering the best outcome for the customer.

Q: What’s the greatest challenge for brokers at this time?

A: The unknown. There’s so much speculation about what will happen over the next 12 months, but nobody really knows for sure. At ING more than 80% of all ING mortgage customers come through the broker channel. In these uncertain times, one thing is for sure: our broker community can take comfort in knowing we’re committed to supporting them in delivering the best value for customers.

Q: What are your top survival tips for working in finance?

A: Don’t wait for others to influence your decisions. Sure, take input into consideration, but have the confidence to make your own mind up. Secondly, set your goal and stick to it. You might need to change how you go about achieving your goal, but don’t lose focus on what you ultimately want. And finally, ask for help. No one is an expert on everything, and there is always someone more experienced who you can turn to in times of doubt.

Q: What do you want to achieve in your first year at ING?

A: Within the next 12 months I want our broker community to look back and say that ING was a stabilising influence during a turbulent year. I want them to say that ING was a supportive and dependable partner and that together we stay focused on achieving customer outcomes.