Hot Seat: Mardee Thomas

by AB25 Jun 2016
What is your most memorable client experience?
One client stands out but it wasn't because of their loan; it was because of their location. Many of my clients live on the Northern Beaches and one of the less well-known areas in Pittwater is Scotland Island, which is accessible only by boat. 

I was always used to making the process simple and convenient for clients and I didn't want this particular loan to be any different. My first contact with the client was when I arrived by boat at their local jetty and in the weeks that followed there were three trips back and forth. Luckily I have a boat license and access to a boat. It was a beautiful way to do business and the weather was so glorious on our last meeting that we stayed on the boat and signed the documents right there. That was a memorable moment.

What will be the biggest innovation in the mortgage industry in 2016?
Technology seems to be involved in many of the innovations and I think, generally speaking, we will see developments in lender software and platforms, including apps. 
We are moving towards a point in time in which brokers can submit applications entirely online. As processes are heading this way, it will be important for the platforms to be as user-friendly and as simple as possible. 

If you were the head of the MFAA or FBAA, what would be your first priority?
I've been a member of the MFAA since I began as a broker 15 years ago and they have consistently done a great job. 

The MFAA has helped to build the reputation of the broking industry and they are dedicated to helping current and future brokers with offerings such as mentoring and seminars. 

So, if I became head of the MFAA, I would hope to keep up the good work.

What was the toughest or scariest decision you have ever made in your life?
When I finished high school I was offered a five-year tennis scholarship at a university in the USA. I was 18 years old, leaving home for the first time, having to fend for myself, and at the time it was all very daunting! 

Looking back, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I have fond memories of my student days in the US and I still keep in touch with the people I met during that time. 

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why? 
I try to maintain a good work/life balance but sometimes I would love to be like The Flash. With super-speed I could get all my paperwork done in seconds and whizz through all my chores, leaving more time to spend with friends and family whilst having everything covered.