Hot Seat: Travis Meyer

by 29 Aug 2018

From pro sportsman to Finance Detective, Travis Meyer reflects on his career to date

Q: Who or what inspired you to become a broker?
When my wife and I bought our first property in Australia we used a broker, and the process inspired me to enter the industry.

At the time I was an Australian citizen residing and working in Andorra as a professional cyclist, while getting paid by a Swiss company as a self-employed contractor. Just to add to the complexity, we were awaiting settlement on my apartment in Andorra as part of our deposit to go towards the new purchase.

My brother – who is also a professional cyclist and was in a similar situation – used a broker in WA to purchase an investment property and recommended I contact him too, which I am glad I did. Going through the process and seeing how easy it was for us, due to our broker’s skill set, made the experience a pleasure. Then, on top of that, we were getting this service without a charge but knowing our broker would be compensated through our lender of choice.

Our experience and these factors combined intrigued me and helped me plan for my retirement from athletics in early 2017.

Q: What’s one recent career highlight?
In my first year of business, I was nominated for both the Rising Star Award at the WA Better Business Awards and the Newcomer Award at the MFAA Awards. I am a big believer in setting targets, and mine was to settle $20m in my first year from scratch, and to make both these finalist lists. I achieved both, so this gave me a lot of satisfaction and confidence going forward.

Q: What is your business philosophy and what inspired it?
My business philosophy is the same as my sporting career philosophy. I was very much a team player and worked incredibly hard for my teammates to achieve the desired result. Now my clients are my teammates and I plan to do the same for them: remain ethical, work hard and deliver what is promised and needed.

Q: If you had the MFAA’s CEO over for dinner, what would you serve?
I am an easy-going, relaxed bloke who likes to switch off when I am at home, so a relaxing BBQ with beers, snacks and salads is the way to go.