In the hot seat: Fi Dimos

by Antony Field08 Mar 2021

In 2019, Fi Dimos founded Bloom Finance, an Edgecliff brokerage servicing clients in Sydney and Canberra. Transferring the skills she gained from a career in reinsurance, Dimos succeeded in winning AFG’s Excellence Award just four months later.

Q: Tell us about your career prior to becoming a broker. What skills were you able to transfer across to this role?
I enjoyed a wonderful career in reinsurance, working for large international companies, before starting my business as a finance broker. Reinsurance is where insurers buy insurance – they use reinsurers’ capital to protect their balance sheet and facilitate sustainable growth. There are so many reinsurance skills and experiences that I have transferred, such as understanding risk, risk appetite and the resultant impact on lender policy; as well as the importance of good relationships in all areas of the business. Clients are important, but so too are lenders, your peers, and every single person in the process. I managed large teams and budgets, where adherence to process, risk frameworks and compliance is critical. This experience is invaluable for a finance broker. I also learnt financial skills. Being able to get around a balance sheet and financials has been such an asset, particularly in the commercial finance space.

Q: What do you enjoy most about being a broker?
Of the three things I most enjoy, helping people is number one – hands down. From a residential lending perspective, it is the most amazing feeling when you help someone who can afford a loan but can’t get one. I have a wonderful client – bankrupt, but such a good person; he just had bad luck. He was finally able to buy a home with my assistance. Knowing I was able to add such value to his and his family’s lives is very rewarding. From a commercial lending perspective, it is wonderful to assist business owners in obtaining finance to enable them to achieve their vision. I have had the pleasure of doing deals for the most inspirational entrepreneurs. Secondly, I love mentoring young people, or anyone who needs guidance. I see it as a bit of giving back. I have met so many wonderful people as a result. And finally, I am delighted by the camaraderie in the finance broking industry, how we help each other. There are such wonderful people in this game.

Q: You are part of a female mentorship program. How has this helped your career?
Yes. Katrina Rowlands has been my mentor since I started Bloom Finance in 2019 – how lucky am I! I didn’t have a lot of confidence when I started. Like many women, we tend to downplay our strengths, underrate our ability, short-sell ourselves. Having a strong female mentor who has this insight as a fellow woman has been invaluable.

Q: What drives you in your job as a broker?
I’m always driven to get the best possible deal for my clients.

Q: What are your goals for the future?
Achieving a work-life balance. Starting a business at the height of the royal commission and COVID has meant lots of hard work. My key goal is to work to live, not live to work. Be kind and act with integrity, and add value to every transaction.