Hot seat: John de Bree

by Melanie Mingas26 Feb 2019

Capify's MD explains how knowledge can be used to adapt to change

Q: What’s one of your recent career highlights?

A: There have been many, but a recent highlight was definitely receiving the backing from Goldman Sachs. We secured a $135m credit facility that will accelerate the growth of our lending to SMEs. As the first alternative unsecured business lender in Australia, this partnership reinforces what Capify is here for, which is to give us the ability to drive more responsible capital to SMEs and additional support to our broker channel.

Q: What’s the highlight of your working day?

A: I cannot ignore the culture at the Capify office in Sydney. Our team are incredible, and if you hear some of the conversations with business owners and referral partners, they really go above and beyond to help their clients and each other. It’s full of energy and we all feed off each other throughout the day. We allow for best practice to be shared, and communicate that with our brokers as well so that we operate with complete transparency.

Q: What do you wish you’d known when you started out in finance?

A: I think the best thing about starting up in finance is that you are constantly learning. If you come into a particular industry – such as this one – and assume to know too much, then you may only be stopping yourself from improving. Surrounding myself with strong partners and resources has allowed me to refine what I already knew, but it has also allowed me to be able to adapt to shifts and changes in the market.

Q: What’s one thing, personal or professional, that you hope to achieve in 2019?

A: Professionally, we cannot ignore the impact that the royal commission has had on the finance industry, and especially brokers. We are looking to ensure we support our broker channel throughout 2019. As part of that, our Partnership team will be even more involved with industry events throughout the course of this year, to ensure that brokers are supported