In the hot seat: Peter Bryant

by Antony Field09 Dec 2020

Vow Financial NSW state manager Peter Bryant was named Bankwest Best Aggregator BDM at the 2020 Australian Mortgage Awards. He talks about his 38-year career in finance and how he helps brokers achieve success.

Q: What was your first job before you joined the finance industry?

A: My first job was working for David Jones packing grocery bags. I quickly learned that cartons of eggs go on top when packing bags. It taught me a lot about customer service and how little things can be big things that set you apart from your competitors who are off ering the same product or service.

Q: How long have you been a BDM, and what led you to your current position?

A: I have been a BDM at Vow Financial for just over 13 years. I started at NAB as a junior clerk, working my way up to branch manager and then on to commercial lending before discovering the rewarding world of third party mortgage broking when I joined St. George Bank as a BDM in 2002. It was right at that time when mortgage brokers saw unbelievable growth within the market, which was extremely exciting, but this did not come without hard work and commitment. My prior career in banking gave me a better understanding of how the two could co-exist in the marketplace. I am so honoured to be recognised as Best Aggregator BDM. This achievement is more about the recognition of the hard work and dedication I have put into my role, but I could not have achieved this on my own. I thank the many people that I work with who have given me their support.

Q: How would you describe your role and the way it assists your aggregator business and the work of brokers?

A: My role has a strong focus on the establishment of relationships not only with my brokers but also our lender partners, with the end benefit to the customer always front of mind. It is this role that is so important in assisting our brokers in building strong and successful businesses. It drives a positive culture in our network that other brokers want to become part of, so it assists with recruitment in many ways. Education also forms a large part of my role, and it can take many shapes and forms. Lender product knowledge is one of the main areas, as many of our lender partners have a number of unique products and services, and without broker awareness these can lead to lost opportunities.

Q: What has surprised you most during your career in the finance industry?

A: How long it has taken this industry to adopt and apply technology. There are some great software platforms that aggregators are offering in the marketplace at the moment, but it has taken some time to get there.

Q: If you weren’t a BDM, what would your ideal career be?

A: I have always loved two things – food and providing a great customer experience. If I was not a BDM, then I could see myself owning and running either a restaurant or upmarket cafe.