6 Top Tips for Engaging in Social Media

by AB19 Sep 2013
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6 Top Tips for Engaging in Social Media
1. Don't sell social
"Social media is a PR and Branding Exercise"
"If the sales department handles your social media, you have a serious PROBLEM - Dawes says
2. Humanise your Profile
"If you stick your logo on Twitter or Facebook, your social media strategy is likely to fail. If you HUMANISE IT by making a person the face of the company, It's likely to succeed. Richard Branson for example, is clearly the face of virgin, the broker needs someone to be the John Newton of Insurance"
3. Strive for Critical Mass
"Get an expert in to help you build up your audience; otherwise you will be stumbling along wondering HOW EVERYBODY ELSE DOES IT"
4. Appearance is important
"You need to look good very early on. You cannot go into social media half-baked"
5. Formulate Best Practice for your Company
"Have social media policies for your staff. Plan Your strategy carefully"
6. Be prepared to invest
"It will take up a lot of resources, any notion of return on investment should be suspended for 18months to a year.
"Think of the bigger picture"