Managing a disruptive team member

by Stephanie Zillman15 Feb 2013

Managing employees isn’t easy, from telling a worker they stink to navigating the pitfalls of worker romances – it’s a job that often requires tact and the ability to suppress embarrassment. So what can be done when a worker’s personality is affecting team morale and engagement?

Personality clashes are common, but when one employee doesn’t seem to fit it’s a tough job for managers. If their work performance is meeting requirements it can seem like there is nothing to do but hope the problem solves itself. However, delaying a response can be a serious mistake.

“Most leaders get wary of confronting the individual because on the surface it doesn't appear to be a performance problem. In reality that is exactly what it is,” HR consultant and coach Carlann Fergusson said. “When the behavior of the individual is causing others to avoid working with him/her it does affect everyone’s performance.”

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