Meteoric Rise

by Adam Smith18 Sep 2013
Warren Dworcan has made a big splash in the broking industry in a short time.
Rate Detective Finance managing director Warren Dworcan is a strapping, softly-spoken broker whose status has risen exponentially since he started out in 2009. He made it to number seven on MPA’s Top 100 list after just two years in the industry and says his goal is to become a role model for future brokers.
“My introduction into the broking world took place when I purchased my first property some years ago. A friend of mine, who just so happened to hear the news, suggested I use his services in order to arrange my finance. I was pretty green to the whole lending market and I found him to be extremely useful and, more importantly, I was intrigued by the fact that his service was not a cost to me. This interest provided me with the catalyst I needed to delve further into the industry.”
Dworcan says his own business, Rate Detective Finance, originally catered towards the “average Australian” who would go online to investigate their lending options before visiting a broker.
“Unsurprisingly, the type of clientele that this initial strategy introduced was extremely broad. However, as our name suggests, it was our point of difference – finding the most appropriate product for our clients with the focus being trying to save money. Our precise service offering underpins this to form the ability to cater to a broad spectrum of clientele.”
The success of this strategy, says Dworcan, is evidenced by the diverse range of referral sources his company has been able to secure since inception, ranging from first home owners through to sophisticated investors – and everything in between.
“I think that our progressive approach to banking and customer satisfaction, coupled with the people who work within [Rate Detective Finance], are our most unique qualities.”
While it’s obvious at first glance that Dworcan enjoys his work, he admits there are serious issues the industry will need to address going forward.
“The challenges that brokers today are faced with range from lender complexities and inconsistencies to valuation discrepancies, which are challenges in their own right and potentially may cause further concerns. Those brokers who intend to grow also face the challenge of recruiting new brokers to add to their team. A widely reported issue concerning the difficulties related to attracting new young energetic brokers will continue to be a potential issue.”