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Australian banks extremely vulnerable to housing collapse

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Australian Broker | 16 Jul 2013, 05:00 AM Agree 0
Australia's banks are particularly vulnerable to a housing crises - and the likelihood of such a crisis is 'quite high', according to analysts
  • Maria Rigoni | 16 Jul 2013, 12:04 PM Agree 0
    What on earth do Moody's hope to get from this opinion? "dangerously vulnerable to any potential housing collapse" Who are they hoping to scare and how much money do they expect to make as a result?
  • SIDBROKER | 16 Jul 2013, 04:32 PM Agree 0
    Solution. Get rid of NCCP and the politicians who put it in place.
  • Maria Rigoni | 17 Jul 2013, 10:34 AM Agree 0
    Agree Sidbroker also rip up the FSRA, the consumer damaging Privacy Act, FoFA (I call it Failure of Financial Advice), Banking Acts and our fair trading and competition legislation... just for a start...
    The current political seesaw with one major in top position waving their victory flag then the other major in top position waving their victory flag seems to be made of steel but the seesaw is really made of rotten wood... that will fall to pieces as soon as people really mean "enough is enough"... Action at the ballot box is required.
  • SIDBROKER | 17 Jul 2013, 10:50 AM Agree 0
    To Maria. We need a new party called the de regulation party or the fairgo party. Ridiculous over regulation at the hands of labor is choking our great nation.
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