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Franchises defend lead quality

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Australian Broker | 02 Mar 2012, 06:00 AM Agree 0
Franchise brokers have defended the quality of leads handed to franchisees, and have argued franchisees have a "healthy balance" between self-generated and company-generated leads
  • Broking/Planning | 02 Mar 2012, 03:18 PM Agree 0
    No surprises here, of course Franchises are going to defend lead quality. As to their quality, well it's only their Broker's who can talk on that one, although it's not about having so many leads you're flat out, it's about conversions to settlement.

    Aussie won't discuss their actual conversion percentages and the 39% proffered by Oxygen doesn't light my fire either. Leads appear to be ALL the Franchises have to offer, as their income splits aren't going to do it, so they hang their hat on so called quality leads

    The comment "Tucker commented that brokers often tipped lead quality as an important factor in choosing broking groups or aggregators" isn't true for us. The big thing that impedes our ability to climb faster than what we're already doing is dodgy software that poses under the guise of Podium and poor backup to anyone outside of the Capital Cities.
    Although I'm interested in other Brokers thoughts on Tucker's comment, as if it holds weight with them?
  • Tom | 02 Mar 2012, 04:34 PM Agree 0
    These guys arguably are the biggest leaders that set the tone in our industry yet these blogs always look to the negative. No I don't work for them and don't need a brand however think their are a lot of green eyed monsters out there who wish they did..
    P.S. Love you new advert campaign Aussie as it's great awareness for the industry.
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