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Loan officers likely to be replaced by robots

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Australian Broker | 01 Oct 2013, 07:00 AM Agree 0
Loan officers are among the jobs most likely to become computerised over the next two decades, according to Oxford researchers
  • May | 01 Oct 2013, 08:48 AM Agree 0
    All the more important for Brokers to be the human face for consumers. The major banks with their credit scoring will easily replace humans with robots - there is no discretion for the credit "assessors".
    The non-bank and second tier banks that do not rely on credit scoring will still need humans.
  • MCC | 01 Oct 2013, 09:55 AM Agree 0
    I would draw the attention of the readers to a book called 'The Last Mortal Generation' by Damien Broderick. Whether we like it or not the speed of robotic technology & the pursuit for immortality will see the human species evolve - think of 1983's 'Blade Runner'. How we as present 'Humans' manage that & integrate with the 'new mixed species' is probabaly a much bigger issue than the dissapearance of jobs. Just spreading the 'mind perameters' a little! (lol)
  • mac | 01 Oct 2013, 01:13 PM Agree 0
  • MelbBroker | 01 Oct 2013, 02:09 PM Agree 0
    Why a list of 19 jobs? Strange number....
  • John C | 02 Oct 2013, 12:29 AM Agree 0
    Robots/automation has already been with us in the processing of Consumer Loan applications for years under the point scoring system. This is nothing new and as technology evolves this will continue to expand. However this automation has its drawbacks as it does not have the nose to "sniff out" a dodgy deal until it is too late! Ahh technology, you have to love it!!
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