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Non-bank lender laments market shut-out

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Australian Broker | 09 Apr 2014, 08:30 AM Agree 0
The future expansion plans of a major non-bank lender are being thwarted by regulation which shuts out the ‘fifth pillar’ of the banking sector
  • Monty of Perth | 09 Apr 2014, 10:26 AM Agree 0
    Just wondering why after writing $11Billion since 2002 it's gone backwards with now only $5billion outstanding.
    A lot of Brokerages talk about their total writings over specific periods, but their outstandings are always considerably less.
    This surely points to either a misrepresentation of fact or clients being put in the wrong product in the first instant and then "Churned" to make up the numbers.
    Most curious.
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