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Slowing population growth to dent housing demand

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Australian Broker | 27 Jun 2014, 03:15 AM Agree 0
Population growth has stalled, which could dent future housing demand
  • VivKay | 27 Jun 2014, 09:20 AM Agree 0
    At least this is an acknowledgement of what's driving our politically-engineered third world rate of population growth - to keep the housing bubble inflated! It's blowing up a great big Ponzi scheme, that can't be maintained forever. The benefits of population growth are private, but the costs are socialised - and we all pay!
  • Andrew Smith | 27 Jun 2014, 05:19 PM Agree 0
    Population figures used include temporaries i.e. international students and 2nd year backpackers under the net overseas migration definition (12/16+ months in Oz).

    Whether population (growth) is perceived as high or low, most people still don't realise the majority 'immigrants' will not buy property (but rent) and will return home.
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