ANZ boosts training to cut broker dependence

by 15 May 2013
“The productivity has lifted in our branch network, so deals that we were missing out on before we’re capturing, but we’re still very active and big supporters of the broker network.”

Improved sales techniques are what have allowed ANZ to continue to grow their mortgage book despite a slow-down in the industry, said Hand.

“Before we were at the mercy of the market, if the market fell our mortgage volumes tended to fall too,” he said.

“In staying a good supporter of the broker network and reinvigorating teaching our people in how to deal with our customers directly, we’ve seen productivity improve in both channels.”

Hand said he expects the higher volume of training hours to continue for the foreseeable future, to ensure sales staff have the ability to deal with increasingly complex customer enquiries.

“Customers don’t come in to do simple transactions like they used to. The number of transactions in-bank falls year on year, but what they are coming in to do is have conversations on mortgages and small business and wealth.”

“We’ve made quite an investment on gearing our front-line up to be really well equipped to have mortgage conversations, but we will spend more money on helping them understand how to have all of those complex conversations.”

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  • by OzBoy 15/05/2013 10:07:23 AM

    Great keep training the brokers of the future.

  • by SIDBROKER 15/05/2013 11:17:15 AM

    I am not surprised. Most brokers i know that haven`t already given up are just hanging on for another year. They all say the same thing which is NCCP has made it near impossible to stay in business.

  • by Country Broker 15/05/2013 11:22:41 AM

    Hopefully most of this will be directed to the assessment staff in Bangalore !! Australian assessor are very good .