Beware CPD myths, brokers warned

by Adam Smith27 Mar 2013

An industry association has told brokers to beware education providers peddling myths about CPD points.

The FBAA has stated that some training providers have misrepresented the requirements surrounding continuing professional development. 
"With CPD being a fundamental requirement of most professions, there has been emergence of myriad of self-serving suppliers of CPD determined to portray their particular version or method of providing CPD as the most ‘correct’ or nearest the ‘authorised’ requirement for CPD," the FBAA said.
In reality, the association said, brokers do not need an RTO, aggregator or lender to endorse what can or cannot fulfill their CPD obligations. Rather, brokers are individually responsible for their CPD fulfillment.
"The responsibility for CPD for Finance Broking practitioners lies with the practitioner. Responsibility for lawfully adequate CPD cannot be ‘outsourced’ or ‘devolved’ to a supplier of CPD material and training," the association said.

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  • by Jeff Mazzini 27/03/2013 2:52:59 PM

    Whilst I agree in principal with what Peter is stating here, the licence holder can set the direction for his/her authorised representatives to undertake required areas of CPD that maintain their currency in their areas in which they operate.