Beware CPD myths, brokers warned

by Adam Smith27 Mar 2013
The FBAA pointed out that RG206 does not state which suppliers can determine what constitutes appropriate CPD education. Instead, the guide sets parameters for lawful CPD, including:
• Attending relevant professional seminars and conferences
• Preparation time for presenting at such seminars and conferences
• Publication of journal articles relevant to the credit industry
• Viewing DVDs or other visual material of professional conferences or seminars that are not more than one year old.  Webinars are similarly included within this category.  A maximum of 10 CPD hours per annum may be sourced from this category
• Completion of online tutorials and/or quizzes (produced with the prior year) concerning regulatory, technical or professional developments within the finance industry
"I cannot stress enough however that there are many ways that you can meet your statutory CPD obligations- and that no person or entity (besides ASIC) is able to instruct you on how to meet your obligations nor endorse any particular method of meeting your obligations," FBAA president Peter White saidd.

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  • by Jeff Mazzini 27/03/2013 2:52:59 PM

    Whilst I agree in principal with what Peter is stating here, the licence holder can set the direction for his/her authorised representatives to undertake required areas of CPD that maintain their currency in their areas in which they operate.