Busy, burdened breeders: Why Gen B could be your best clients

by Mackenzie McCarty11 Mar 2013

Busy, burdened, breeding Generation B’s are likely one of your major client bases - yet you’ve probably never heard of them, claims a new report issued by Suncorp Group.

According to their research, 3.1 million Australians aged 30-39 fall into this category, which overlaps both Generation X and Y age groups, and are experiencing the ‘trifecta’ of financial responsibility, increased family commitments and work pressure, in ways not experienced by any other generation.

“Aptly named ‘Generation B’, this is the new army of Australians battling the seesawing demands of work, family and lifestyle.”

Melbourne-based Loan Market broker, Josh Bartlett, (34) says he finds the description a tad demeaning, but agrees with some of the statements.

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