Busy, burdened breeders: Why Gen B could be your best clients

by Mackenzie McCarty11 Mar 2013
Bartlett says every generation tends to have an opinion on how life should be led and describes his own age group as, like the report suggests, heavily focused on paying off their mortgages and other financial commitments.

“If you talk to my parents, they’re totally against sending your kids to child care, whereas my generation realise the cost of living is a lot higher - and we’re also the ones that kind of want everything.”

Brokers who deal with a large number of Generation B borrowers should consider expanding the flexibility of their working hours, says Bartlett, in order to successfully  fit around their clients busy lives.

“Flexibility is a key; my appointments are getting later.  My hours are now probably increasing due to all clients working different hours. I believe this will be a key driving force for brokers in the future.”

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