Far out Friday: The secret confessions of office workers

Have you ever wondered if your colleagues are thinking the same thoughts as you during the workday? Here’s proof that they are



If you could make anonymous confessions about your working day, what would you say? A new app called Secret lets people post just such confessions, with hilarious results.

Here are a few of our favourite office confessions:
  1. Slowly coming to the unsettling conclusion that getting ahead in corporate society requires not telling stupid people the truth. – Portland
  2. On a conference call. Thought I was on mute. I wasn’t. Good thing a lot of people called in. Anyone could’ve made those sounds. Anyone. – San Jose
  3. Wearing Gryffindor socks to this job interview. – California
  4. 10 of the most important people in my work/play life share at least one name. I’m terrified I’m going to email the wrong one. – New York
  5. I’ve been secretly taking naps at work. It’s made me so much more productive. – Washington DC
  6. The thing I fear most at work? Clogging the toilet. – Ohio
  7. I think the receptionist judges me for the amount of online shopping I have delivered to the office.  – New York
  8. Every time I watch Mad Men, I wish it was still appropriate to drink at the office. – Friend
  9. At work, I keep a secret list of bathroom non-washers. It’s on the wiki. – San Francisco
  10. My boss told me to “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Now I’m sitting in a disciplinary meeting dressed as Batman. – Nashville
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