Government's Visa push could hurt brokers

by Mackenzie McCarty21 Mar 2013
He says encouraging domestic employees to work in Darwin has always been a struggle and that the town relies heavily on an influx of foreign workers, many of which are forced to leave after a short time due to current visa requirements.

“Keeping people in these jobs is hard. Our financial service sector really struggles in a town like this – people staying long enough to warrant the training and so on.”

Online job site eFinancialCareers says confusion ‘abounds’ surrounding the controversial visa, with the federal government arguing for tighter restrictions while the likes of the NSW government urge for greater flexibility in order to attract more international talent.

“The facts are Australia’s strict visa rules are already keeping highly skilled financial services professionals out of the country at a time when Australia needs more foreign talent.”

eFinancialCareers managing director Asia Pacific, George McFerran, says there’s no doubt the current visa situation is restricting talent to Australia from Asia, Europe and the US.

“Any further restrictions would be a retrograde step, harming individual firms and the international reputation of the industry. It needs to be recognised financial services is an international career and by further restricting visa classes for skilled migration, we’re hampering the flow of talent from Asia-pacific to Australia.”

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