Major 'not ignoring' mortgage market despite share decline

by Mackenzie McCarty05 Feb 2013

John says that, over the year to September, 2012, the market grew by around 4.7% on annual basis.

“In this slower growth environment we've been happy to grow a little under system (i.e. slightly less than the market). That is what we've done as we really make sure that we tightly manage the disciplines around our margin.”

He says analysts need to remember that big banks provide other financial services, including personal lending, business lending and superannuation, not just mortgages and that the success of an individual institution can’t be gauged by this single measure.

“The market has changed a great deal over the past five years...So it has been important for us to concentrate on other areas in business to help underpin and grow our earnings. Having said that, we're not ignoring the home loan market as it remains an important part of our business and it provides us with opportunities to talk to our customers about their financial needs and forming deeper relationships with them.”

John says Wespac has chosen to focus more heavily on other areas, including small and medium-size enterprise (SME), rather than the flagging mortgage market.

“We are a major provider of superannuation, both in the retail and corporate sectors and are growing good market share in the latter. We're also growing very good market share in insurance, especially in the life sector. Financial planning, savings and advice are very important areas for our retail bank and we just began refurbishing our branch network with new look, open-plan branches that allow us to have more comprehensive and fruitful discussions with our customers about their whole-of-life needs, not just loans like mortgages.”

He says the fight for market share in lending continues in a market segment growing at an ‘unusually slow rate’.

“Monthly financial aggregates released by the RBA on Wednesday put growth in home lending at 0.3% in December 2012, with year-end growth of 4.5%. This is a third of the rate of growth six years ago.”

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  • by Marty 5/02/2013 10:42:14 AM

    Shows how big their books are really. When they are not even trying that hard and still their market share only drops 0.5%