NAB toppled in consumer satisfaction rank

by Mackenzie McCarty22 Feb 2013

CBA’s consumer satisfaction rate reached 80% in January – the major bank’s highest rating since 1996, according to Roy Morgan Research.

The new figure means CBA has trumped NAB’s run at the top, a position it hasn’t held for more than a decade.

In January, three of the big four banks improved their rating, with Westpac up 0.5% points, CBA up 0.3% points and ANZ up 0.1% points. NAB, on the other hand, declined by 0.3% points.

Although CBA has the highest overall rating of the major banks, however, its home loan customers are not as satisfied as those at NAB, which maintains the top spot among this group.

Despite several reductions in home loan rates over the last 12 months, the home loan customers of each of the big four banks are less satisfied than other non-home loan customers.

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