New loan merges investment with mortgage

by Adam Smith18 Mar 2013
According to McAlary, this means that, should the market perform at historical averages, the investment balance will outstrip the outstanding loan balance by year 22.

"At that point, they've made no extra payments but they've paid their house off eight years early. If they want to go to the end of the 30-year term, not only do they end up owning their house, they end up with a bucketload of investments," he said.

Should the market not perform, McAlary said the product contains gap protection to ensure that the loan term goes no more than 30 years.

McAlary touted the product as a way for brokers to differentiate their offering.

"The key thing is that there's no product differentiation out there. Everything is price driven," he said.

"Broker have been going through hard times over the last five years since the financial crisis. As a point of differentiation, brokers will need a product like this," McAlary added.

With the product merging investment and lending, McAlary said brokers recommending it would find it "in their interest to get someone with an AFSL to sign it off", but he said this created the opportunity for brokers to forge referral relationships. 

"You've got brokers already sharing offices with planners, and some do currently refer business to each other. This sits neatly in that space," he said.


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