Popular industry tool now offered for free

by Madison Utley30 Mar 2020

A popular document curation app has been made free to small businesses, brokers included, until the end of the financial year.

All new and existing customers will be provided full access to all online Ezidox plans.

“All Australia must find ways to support small businesses in honouring the government’s agenda of social distancing and isolation,” said Frank Mastronardo, Ezidox CEO.

“As such, Ezidox is now free for the rest of the financial year, for any small business needing to request and collect numerous different documents from their customers.

“It’s been a hard decision, as we ourselves are a small business, and have in effect turned off our revenue line for the rest of the financial year. However, it’s the right thing to do, and hopefully the difference we make helps others make the most of the current situation. I’m relying on the broader business community to use this offer fairly.”

Ezidox allows for the efficient collection and curation of documents and information, eliminating the need for important paperwork to be sent via email, couriers or dropped off by hand. The platform also has built-in workflow smarts to automate and simplify the information exchange process.

“We’ve always freed professionals from the paper chase, allowing them to focus on completing deals,” said Mastronardo.

“Our subscribers have recently inspired us, by showing [Ezidox] is a great means of managing the isolation and distancing requirements Australian’s are required to observe.”

The free availability of Ezidox to small businesses is guaranteed until the end of this financial year.

“[We’ll] evaluate the difference this offer makes to small businesses. And look forward to supporting Australia's business community well into the future,” said Mastronardo.