Three of the big four 'can't get no satisfaction' when it comes to business clients

by AB15 Feb 2013
ANZ also has a problem with low satisfaction with loans, while NAB customers are primarily disatisfied with deposits and cards.

Norman Morris, industry communications director at Roy Morgan Research, says the major banks are continuing to struggle with achieving the business satisfaction results that they’re seeing from their personal customers.

“Despite four official reductions in the cash rate over the last twelve months, business customers of all banks are less satisfied than they were a year ago. By contrast, over the twelve months to December 2012, the personal customers of most banks improved their satisfaction ratings.”

Morris says this widening of the gap in satisfaction between business and personal customers is likely to be linked to banks focusing more on the relative safety of the consumer market in uncertain economic times.

“Business customers also require more regular contact and understanding from their bank and this is an area where they are rated low on. There are some early signs…that more businesses now consider that the next twelve months would be a good time to invest in growing their business. It will be interesting to see if this translates into increased borrowing and, as a result, an improvement in how banks satisfy their business customers.”

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