Non-bank backs broker reforms

by 18 Dec 2017
Non-bank lender Liberty Financial has thrown its support behind the Combined Industry Forum (CIF) and its broker reform package.

The firm’s CEO James Boyle has expressed his confidence in the package, saying it will shape the future of the broking industry and lead to better consumer outcomes.

Liberty was part of the CIF and played a role in creating the principles outlined in the reforms. 

“We have actively participated in a robust process that has identified specific areas for change and improvement, all of which put the customer at the heart of the proposals,” Boyle said.

As well as supporting the changes, Liberty will also work closely with its broker partners to bring in these changes and assist them in growing their businesses, he said.

“We want brokers to continue to be a trusted customer channel for finance which is why these reforms are so important.”

It was a credit to the industry that it had cooperated to form a “compelling document” that would transform the broking space in years to come, he said.

“The work is an acknowledgment of the shared commitment of the industry to transparency and good customer outcomes.”

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