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Broker innovations key to bright Finsure future

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    Fiona Dickson - While the mortgage broking industry can occasionally get negative attention in the press, there are many people in the business who are doing good in communities here and abroad, bolstering the industry’s reputation as one that revolves around putting people first

  • AB issue 14.12 AB issue 14.12

    Chris Andrews - With banks facing increased restrictions and tighter lending standards, non-bank lenders are picking up more market share and are readying for a major comeback, explains La Trobe Financial’s chief investment officer

  • AB issue 14.11 AB issue 14.11

    Michael Perkins - Giant Finance Group entered the aggregation space just three months ago, but already it is making waves with its small-scale, relationship-focused business strategy that revolves around boosting brokers’ prospects

  • AB issue 14.10 AB issue 14.10

    Michael Burke & Cameron Poolman - OnDeck Australia’s CEO and head of sales are leading the company through a growth spurt and making a big push into the broker channel. They explain why their product is worth your time

  • AB issue 14.09 AB issue 14.09

    Peter Vala - Thinktank’s head of sales and distribution explores how regulatory and industry changes in residential lending could flow through to affect commercial lending

  • AB issue 14.08 AB issue 14.08

    Brett Halliwell - Advantedge’s general manager explains how the wholesale lender is becoming a major player in white label lending by making sure brokers’ and borrowers’ needs and wants are met

  • AB issue 14.07 AB issue 14.07

    Tony Carn - NextGen.Net’s sales director talks about how harnessing technology and embracing change has empowered NextGen.Net’s customers

  • AB issue 14.06 AB issue 14.06

    Royden D’Vaz - Bluestone Mortgages’ national head of sales and marketing on the product catering to a long-abandoned customer segment, and how the non-bank is growing as a result

  • AB issue 14.05 AB issue 14.05

    David Kim - The CEO and co-founder of LoanFlare on how the new CRM software will increase the lifetime value of brokers’ clients, facilitate referrals and decrease tedious administration time.