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Looking back at 2021

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    An attractive proposition

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    Getting to know you

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    On a mission to avoid digital Darwinism and embrace industry reform, Brendan O’Donnell, Liberty Network Services’ managing director, is executing a new formula for success, writes Melanie Mingas

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    In his first year as CEO, Mike Felton has led the MFAA and guided the industry through a period of sweeping change, reasoning with groups that were once divided to prioritise unity and cooperation and better the broking industry. But the bulk of the work still lies ahead

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    Industry pioneer Greg Pennells has blazed a new trail with his subaggregator, Purple Circle Financial Services – one that encourages brokers to speak up, share ideas and become company shareholders

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    Managing director John Kolenda tells Australian Broker how Finsure’s multidimensional approach to brokers’ businesses and its relationship-driven support has seen the aggregator’s recruitment numbers soar

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    Small business lender Prospa has captured a huge swathe of the SME market, but there are still two million more looking for finance. Prospa’s Matt Bauld explains how the online lender is helping brokers realise the many opportunities in this thriving market

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    MSA National is a law firm creating cutting-edge digital products to provide customers with a seamless and stress-free experience from home loan approval to settlement.

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    Choice’s CEO talks about commissions, elevating and growing the industry, and ensuring Choice is an aggregator of the future