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Simple loan solutions stand test of time

  • AB issue 14.08 AB issue 14.08

    Brett Halliwell - Advantedge’s general manager explains how the wholesale lender is becoming a major player in white label lending by making sure brokers’ and borrowers’ needs and wants are met

  • AB issue 14.07 AB issue 14.07

    Tony Carn - NextGen.Net’s sales director talks about how harnessing technology and embracing change has empowered NextGen.Net’s customers

  • AB issue 14.06 AB issue 14.06

    Royden D’Vaz - Bluestone Mortgages’ national head of sales and marketing on the product catering to a long-abandoned customer segment, and how the non-bank is growing as a result

  • AB issue 14.05 AB issue 14.05

    David Kim - The CEO and co-founder of LoanFlare on how the new CRM software will increase the lifetime value of brokers’ clients, facilitate referrals and decrease tedious administration time.

  • AB issue 14.04 AB issue 14.04

    Mark Vilo - Suncorp’s head of bank intermediaries on the importance of acknowledging change, and how being the new kid on the block will benefit the bank and its broker partners

  • AB issue 14.03 AB issue 14.03

    James Symond - On Aussie’s 25th anniversary, its CEO James Symond reflects on over two decades’ worth of success for what has become an iconic brand for consumers and brokers alike

  • AB issue 14.02 AB issue 14.02

    Louisa Sanghera - Zippy Finance’s founder on how she used business networking to create one of Northern Sydney’s most well-known brands

  • AB issue 14.01 AB issue 14.01

    Brendan O’Donnell - Liberty Network Services’ managing director reveals the five pillars on which the aggregator was built, and how its brokers are walking the talk and reaping the rewards

  • AB issue 13.24 AB issue 13.24

    Beau Bertoli Prospa’s co-founder and joint CEO tells Australian Broker why the banks have more to worry about than his trailblazing fintech, and about the opportunities that are waiting for brokers on the commercial side