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Times of change Steve Kane, National Australia Bank’s general manager of broker distribution, reveals how the major’s digital focus will transform lending and give brokers an upper hand with residential, commercial and SME clients

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    Innovation: The Australian way

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    Bankrolling the business boom

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    The kings of capital

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    The power of knowledge

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    Giving back to brokers

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    An attractive proposition

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    Getting to know you

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    On a mission to avoid digital Darwinism and embrace industry reform, Brendan O’Donnell, Liberty Network Services’ managing director, is executing a new formula for success, writes Melanie Mingas

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    In his first year as CEO, Mike Felton has led the MFAA and guided the industry through a period of sweeping change, reasoning with groups that were once divided to prioritise unity and cooperation and better the broking industry. But the bulk of the work still lies ahead