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Year in review

  • AB issue 14.23 AB issue 14.23

    Small business lender Prospa has captured a huge swathe of the SME market, but there are still two million more looking for finance. Prospa’s Matt Bauld explains how the online lender is helping brokers realise the many opportunities in this thriving market

  • AB issue 14.22 AB issue 14.22

    MSA National is a law firm creating cutting-edge digital products to provide customers with a seamless and stress-free experience from home loan approval to settlement.

  • AB issue 14.21 AB issue 14.21

    Choice’s CEO talks about commissions, elevating and growing the industry, and ensuring Choice is an aggregator of the future

  • AB issue 14.20 AB issue 14.20

    Peter James Cathy Dimarchos James Christie - Non-bank lender Sintex on building up its service and support for brokers and recognising their value

  • AB issue 14.19 AB issue 14.19

    Cory Bannister - How La Trobe Financial is making the Australian dream still possible with an innovative loan solution

  • AB issue 14.18 AB issue 14.18

    Marcus Price - Marcus Price, CEO of PEXA, is spearheading the property industry’s transition from paper to digital settlements, a move that has challenged practitioners and lenders to adapt. He talks about being at the frontier of digital disruption and how brokers are going to fit into PEXA’s widening ecosystem

  • AB issue 14.17 AB issue 14.17

    Mario Rehayem - This may have been a tough year so far for the industry, but for the quick and nimble non-bank lender Pepper Money it has meant opportunities. Mortgages boss Mario Rehayem explains some of the exciting developments the lender has in the works

  • AB issue 14.16 AB issue 14.16

    Brendan Wright - Promoting and supporting gender diversity and equality in mortgage broking has long been one of FAST’s core principals, explains CEO Brendan Wright, because it brings in fresh perspectives and approaches that improve business and strengthen the industry

  • AB issue 14.15 AB issue 14.15

    John Manciameli - Slipstream is Australia’s first independent aggregator dedicated to helping brokers diversify into the investment property market and tap into a lucrative revenue stream by assisting clients in achieving their property aspirations