Mick Brazel tells us why diversification is key

by AB08 Mar 2018

Slipstream founder John Manciameli talks to Mick Brazel,CEO of Clark Pacific Finance

Q: What first inspired you to help your clients with their investment property aspirations?
A: I was largely inspired by my clients, who were asking me for more information about where they should be looking to buy, or how they should go about investing in property. I’m constantly striving to offer my clients the most informed advice, and so naturally I wanted to educate myself further about the property investment industry, but I didn’t really know where to start.

Q: Why did you choose to work with Slipstream?
I’d toyed around with the idea of going into investment property referral, but I was cautious, as there are many disreputable companies out there.

As an aggregator of investment property research houses, Slipstream’s accreditation and rigorous onboarding process with the research houses and buyers’ agents really appealed to me as it meant I would have peace of mind when referring clients on to them. I met with a few of the investment research houses and I immediately felt comfortable.

Mick Brazel and John Manciameli

Q: What are the key benefits of working with Slipstream?
I really enjoy the professional development days that John and the Slipstream team run for the brokers. We get access to detailed independent information that we can then share with our clients. The content on the day is also delivered in a really easy-to-understand way, so that you are armed with the right language to start conversations with your clients about investing in property right away.

The technology methods that Slipstream teaches, and provides brokers with access to, provide a great way to engage with your clients. I’ve learnt lots of new and innovative ways to market to my clients and prospect databases. It’s crucial to get the back office right first before starting down this road, and Slipstream has made it easy for me to do that quickly and efficiently. 

Q: What feedback have you received from clients you've worked with?
I’ve run a couple of information seminars with the investment property research houses, using the information provided by Slipstream, and my clients have given me nothing but positive feedback.

It’s been great to work on long-term investment property strategies with my clients and help them structure their loans in the appropriate way. I feel like I’m truly helping them achieve their financial goals.

Q: How much has Slipstream impacted the bottom line of your day-to-day business?
It's early days but I can already see the potential of this type of diversification model. It's a good extension to our current business and will only help us to grown further in the future. 

Q: What's the most important piece of advice you would share with other brokers?
Diversification is athe only way to grow your existing portfolio, and for mortgage brokers a natural next step is investment property referral. If we don't provide the answers to our clients' investment property questions, they will only seek out the information elsewhere! Information is knowledge and knowledge is power.