Prospecting and selling

by AB13 Jan 2016

Tip No. 6: Is your client aware of how much extra they can borrow if they want, or need to?

View business finances and personal finances side by side.
Be sure to get an up to date understanding of your clients combined financial position between their business, as shown in the financial statements, and their personal asset and liability statement. This is necessary so you can see what range of options are available to positively structure their financial situation.
Tip No. 7: Get a full financial picture by also obtaining an up to date personal statement of assets and liabilities.

How to sell.
Having developed an understanding of the wider financial position, the next step is to get a good feel for their key financial objectives (eg. improve cash flow), desires (buy their own commercial property), worries (loss of income through ill health) and concerns (maybe a downturn in business conditions). The answers to these questions can introduce other considerations such as life insurance or income protection policies, looking into a debtor finance facility, or talking to an accountant or financial planner about an SMSF.
Tip No. 8: Think broadly. What will help improve your client’s situation, give peace of mind or create wealth?

Ask open ended questions to extract this information and to guide the conversation like a residential loan Fact Find:
“If interest rates were to rise how would you manage the impact on your cash flow?”
“What would you do in the event of serious ill health affecting you or your business partner?”

This is not supposed to be a hard conversation though, the intention is to raise your client’s awareness around possible solutions to issues they’ve identified while also prompting thoughts on other things they may not have known about or considered until now.

Questions you might also think of putting to your client could include:

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