Aussie Home Loans news

  • Major franchise to take on 150 new brokers by Mackenzie McCarty

    One of the nation's largest broker franchises has launched a national recruitment drive, saying the mortgage market is 'extremely strong'

  • Aussie John takes on Aussie icon by Mackenzie McCarty

    John Symond's taking over the Sydney Opera House on Friday - but don't worry, there's no singing involved

  • Aussie Home Loans survey reveals top buyer turn-ons by AB

    Research taken out by Aussie Home Loans has 'smashed' some popular real estate myths

  • Aussie John on the Aussie election by AB

    It's going to take a lot more than 'just a change in government' to boost consumer confidence in Australia, according to John Symond

  • Comment of the Week goes to Oldbroker by AB

    At Australian Broker, we love a bit of healthy discussion, which is why we honour our favourite comment each week with a lofty little title. Drum-roll please... This week’s winning comment comes from ‘Oldbroker’ and relates to Wednesday’s interview with Aussie Home Loans CEO, Ian Corfield.

  • Broker commission hikes: Where are they? by Mackenzie McCarty

    Bank funding costs are down, so why haven't commissions gone up for brokers? We talk to Aussie Home Loans CEO, Ian Corfield, to find out