FAST news

  • Heat turns up on bank-owned aggregators by Miklos Bolza

    Several non-major banks have called for greater scrutiny of bank-owned aggregators to boost competition in finance

  • NAB calls for broker ‘conflicts register’ by Miklos Bolza

    The lender has recommended aggregators keep track of the soft dollar benefits that their member brokers receive

  • AB issue 14.16 by

    Brendan Wright - Promoting and supporting gender diversity and equality in mortgage broking has long been one of FAST’s core principals, explains CEO Brendan Wright, because it brings in fresh perspectives and approaches that improve business and strengthen the industry

  • Virgin unveils new home loan promotion by AB

    The deal offers eligible borrowers even more frequent flyer points when taking out a residential home loan

  • Aggregator tours for women in broking by Miklos Bolza

    The national event was held in five capital cities offering female brokers professional insights on common industry issues

  • Non-bank celebrates 20 years of broker support by

    Reaching its 20th anniversary, the lender has thanked brokers for helping grow the firm by almost 1000% since its inception